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Renmin University of China the server as the backbone of the hard environment
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Renmin University of China since October 1996 with a microwave device to 126K bandwidth access node CERNET North China in the decade to 2006, the campus network through the construction of two large-scale upgrade, is developing rapidly. Established a Gigabit core, Gigabit to the building, the campus network to the desktop Fast based network platform, and with the realization CERNET2 Fast IPv6 connections, nearly thirty thousand school information points, including teaching buildings, office buildings and dormitories of 53 Building buildings are access to the campus network. Meanwhile, the campus network based platform built two hundred classrooms, five hundred sets of multimedia interactive learning platform for public computers, and campus card. For network infrastructure services and network services, hardware support assisted teaching environment, including: 1. Two IBM servers, storage devices, a Fujitsu and two Barracuda anti-spam gateway, providing email services; 2. A SUN490 server and a storage device, building the campus network assisted instruction BlackBoard platform; 3. Eight embedded streaming media servers, live in campus TV network; 4. Two HP servers and a storage device Huawei 3COM, constitute the campus common software platform for teachers and students of public software download service; 5. Two students online billing server, the students realize the function of the Internet according to traffic accounting; 6. Three SINFOR VPN equipment, and secure remote access to school resources and school district and Suzhou campus network interconnection; 7. A set of broadcast equipment, video editing and two Fujitsu servers, building the campus network television; 8. A mobile communication equipment, building campus messaging platform. The current school system, electronic support environment, including hardware and SUN25k two high-end Minicomputer SUN15k, SUN L180 tape libraries, EMC CX700 and COMPELLENT storage. SUN minicomputer contains a total of two 48 CPU, divided into ten domains, e-school system as a WEB server, application server and database server.