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Sun and Intel make peace
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Low end of Sun and Intel make peace the server uses Xeon CPU

On January 22 message, come from receive the message that is bordering on AMD Taiwan company to say, sun CEO Jonathan. This Zhou Yi general announces Ou Dening of CEO of Shuwaci and Intel jointly agreement of a great collaboration.

According to British media coverage, this is agreement of an old collaboration, covered product includes server, telegraphic product, it is workstation even. This message says, both sides is based on the first product of Solaris system to will appear on the market in year, will be affirmed jointly by both sides and design.

Additionally the message says, sun reachs what in low end server market uses Intel strong (Xeon) processor. And before this, sun in low end server market uses AMD Opteron processor only.

Well-known, how to because be in,rise difference of the existence on processor, intel and Sun had quarrelled old. But nowadays, the circumstance had produced change, apple already Intel of go and seek refuge with sb, dai Er also casts bosom AMD, and Sun also changed CEO.