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Intel drafts accelerate the ripening machine of try to be the first of contest o
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Intel drafts accelerate the ripening contest of race to control of 4 nucleuses market machine of try to be the first

On January 19 message, intel China was revealed to media yesterday afternoon 2007 the development blue print of 4 nucleuses market. A variety of evidence make clear, intel is driven before the competitor's product comes out of purpose, first 4 nucleuses market " accelerate the ripening " , and with market of crop advantage race to control first machine.

Accelerate the ripening 4 nucleuses market

Occupied foreign media coverage recently, intel hopes to was driven 2007 in year, when adversary releases processor of first 4 nucleuses, volume of 4 nucleuses shipment can break through oneself 1 million.

On December 19, 2006, according to Taiwan advocate board the manufacturer discloses, intel is brewing about 4 nucleuses processor depreciate plan, taste the 4 nucleuses that roll out in next year newly in order to answer a competitor. Chinese net manages alliance

Depreciate with market of race to control, be considered as Intel to answer two pieces of cards in one's hand that AMD4 nucleus competes by the outside. On January 18 afternoon with media in meeting, bulaide of director of market of server of Intel China area did not publish the front to comment on to this. Nevertheless he admits competition is very normal in the market, indispensable even. Net canal downloads Dl.bitscn.com

Gu Fan of manager of product of ministry of career of product of Intel China server expresses, the trend of much nucleus is already apparent, the ecosystem that supports 4 nucleuses at present already be in order, include multi-line Cheng server to carry program and the Intel software tool that develop 4 nucleuses potential among them.

"If you need to increase a new server, why don't you choose 4 nucleuses? " Gu Fan expresses, 4 nucleuses server reduces help user overall have cost, reduce energy to use up, contractible take up space, accomplish more things with limited natural resources.

Intel interior evaluates data to show, 4 nucleuses are OK the application of 8 servers conformity arrives on a server, predict to be able to save about 6000 dollars every year. Occupy in-house personage additionally to forecast, the 4 nucleuses product of metaphase two-way server will be occupied 2007 overall 40% , the time that 4 nucleuses make main force is not far already. Chinese net manages alliance

Contend for technical commanding elevation

Since releasing 4 nucleuses processor on November 14, 2006, intel is in weak point whole product line was replaced inside 100 days, roll out many 30 to be tasted newly. "Adopt the huge dominant position on the craft that make and ability, what Intel finished technology and product to go up is abrupt carry fast, cast opponent in back. " Intel expresses so about the personage.
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