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Intel 07 year the server develops blue print 4 nucleuses predominate   recently, intel China company made public Intel China external the circuitry of server platform pursued 2007, 4 nucleuses processor will make the mainstream product of Intel server platform this year.

2007, intel in An Teng 9000 series will roll out Tukwlia series processor, in to strong multichannel 7000 series will roll out Tigerton processor, in numerous server at the same time platform will roll out 4 nucleuses processor, predict to will achieve processor of 9 4 nucleuses. To the shipment volume of processor of 4 nucleuses server, intel respect predicts to will exceed million.

After Hong Li of chief inspector of product of Intel China company emphasized China becoming independence large area designedly, will build with Chinese partner more close cooperate and contact.

At present server market, the big company such as Sun, IBM rolled out much nucleus processor. But cruel is rolled out in Intel farsighted after be far ahead of 2 acting processor, intel is in in the main competitor AMD of personal computer domain market of processor of 4 nucleuses server is same lack be apt to but old. As a result of the Intel with solid financial resources at the same time one reuse depreciates method, the profit this year predicts AMD will still suffer an effect greatly.