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AMD processor price begins to rebound this month
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AMD processor price begins to rebound this month the most rising 20%

On January 21 message, AMD processor chip begins to rebound substantially in this week after the end of the year dropped substantially 2006.

According to Tgdaily.com website report, although we were not published formally 2007 first the analytic article of two weeks, but, we still are paying close attention to the price of processor, and had the data of a few processor of the Intel of 16 weeks and AMD.

Drop one of the most fundamental trends that we mention in the summary article 2006 are AMD processor price substantially. The price of the certain processor of AMD is successive 6 weeks every week drops 10 dollars. On the other hand, intel can play the card of processor of Core 2 Duo, maintain its to be in the price of processor of mainstream market high end, use at the same time fall into disuse gallop the price that processor of D 800/900 series hits depress to carry the market. AMD because in this stalemate, and was controlled the price by the pressure of Intel come down. AMD announced finance affairs of the fourth quarter to report on January 23. We will know more effects about this thing at that time.

Of course, people thinks AMD won't carry the current that this kind of price drops generally, won't be measured for more shipment and continue to accept the price of its product. We perhaps had seen the change of the circumstance. This week, AMD processor price appeared to rebound entirely almost, the price regained the level at the beginning of November 2006.

The most outstanding it is processor of AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400. The price of this kind of processor dropped continuously 8 weeks, it is a kind of processor with the most price fall on the history. This week, the price of this kind of processor rose from 220 dollars 268 dollars, go up achieved 22% . This is every week that we had seen on processor market the 2nd go up greatly.

A week rose 99 dollars, go up for 9% , rose from 1112 dollars 1211 dollars. The price of the FX processor of 4 kernels also appeared to rise, mix like FX72 70.

In Intel respect, this year so far the price fall that the largest issue is Intel QX6700 processor arrived under 1000 dollars. The price fall of this kind of chip caused the fall of price of processor of additionally two kinds of Core 2. At present the price of processor of most Core 2 under 2006 the level of the end of the year. The net is in charge of allied BitsCN@com

A reason that AMD chip rises in price is a likelihood because rolled out low cost,be can chip of 65 accept rice. But, the Pricegrabber.com website that provides price information does not let us part 90 accept rice and chip of 65 accept rice. We know, chip of processor of 65 accept rice is very little still. These new processor are very finite to the influence of whole market.

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