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Sun pushs server of new fund Intel first half of the year
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Sun pushs server   of new fund Intel to occupy the newest story of abroad media first half of the year, two companies are in Sun small system and Intel announce, two companies already signed agreement of a collaboration. According to consultative content, sun will use Intel processor in partial server, in addition, the Solaris operating system that Sun develops will win Intel support.

The report says, sun presiding apparitor Jonathan Shiwaci and Intel are presiding apparitor Europe De Ningzhou signed this collaboration agreement. Because the competitor's menace sufferred in the server market of usury embellish, because of the collaboration of this Sun and Intel, also by regarding as inside course of study is right two companies resist minatory double win strategy. Sun expresses, this company will begin put on sale to use the server of Intel processor first half of the year from this year, two companies are considering to improve and enlarge the means of Solaris market portion at present.

Ou Dening expresses on the press conference that held that day: "This is not simple commercial action absolutely, this will be the collaboration of deep administrative levels. Two companies are having the tradition that the technology innovates. We aux will be able to continues hand in hand quite now this one tradition " . Establish alliance this with Intel, to Sun character also will be not small victory. Because network foamy is undone, sun already began to begin server and software product to regard as its advocate course of study. After the support that got Intel, what Sun goes hopeful heavy model is brilliant. Sun plans in this Zhou Erfa cloth its go up money signs up for first quarter. From 2002 up to now, sun deficit total already exceeded 5 billion dollar.

The market analyses a personage to express, this collaboration is the victory of mark sex to Intel. Sun and AMD began to cooperate 2003, sun uses what AMD offers solely all the time to be based on the processor of X86 framework. In recent years, intel suffers a defeat time and again in the competition with AMD, the PC of very much exclusive collaboration produces business to use the product of two companies at the same time gradually, begin to purchase AMD processor, include Intel among them " iron lever ally " Dai Er. Also let Intel with the price war of AMD profit of the four seasons glides quickly 39% . And Intel is opposite to the support of Solaris operating system also is major victory for Sun. Current, a lot of servers that use X86 framework processor run the operating system of Linux or Microsoft.

Week of Intel share price overcomes market newspaper to close at 20.79 dollars in Na Sida, share price relatively go up to trade day drops 3 cent. Sun share price dropped 2 cent, the newspaper closes at 5.75 dollars.