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Parting 3 years
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Parting readmit of server of 3 years of Sun X86 comes strong

According to foreign media coverage, place of media of no less than forecasts in that way, sun company and Intel company week announce, sun company will begin to offer afresh be based on Intel to come the X86 server of powerful processor, in addition bilateral still will undertake cooperative in the respect such as software.

Sun company presiding apparitor applied Ou Dening of presiding apparitor of made of baked clay Ci and Intel company to attend Zhou Yi's press conference. Chinese net manages alliance

Such, sun company also becomes firm of 4 big servers in the last join Intel to come the manufacturer of strong alliance.

This year first half of the year, sun company will be rolled out use the X86 server to processor of strong double nucleus, to this year before the end of the year, sun still will be rolled out be based on to 4 strong servers, in addition, sun company also rolls out the workstation product of Chan Zhijiang processor in the plan. The general manager Gelsinger of group of recreation of Intel company number expresses, this year 3 quarters, sun company still will be rolled out use 4 nucleuses to come strong (Tigerton) 4 servers of processor.

Sun company high level expresses, be not with the collaboration of Intel begin from Zhou Yi, it is early before a few months, bilateral engineer has begun to have club. 2002, SUn company once had used the processor of Intel in X86 server, but because of the effect not beautiful abandoned 2004, 2005, sun company rolled out those who use processor of AMD bright dragon " galactic " server, make a great coup, later, in X86 server domain, AMD company becomes sole processor supplier.

Two companies announce, the engineer of Intel allows help Sun Solaris operating system can smooth move in the Intel company go up to powerful processor, in addition, help Sun server product develop a lot of new functions of Intel processor even, for instance power source management, input output to wait quickly.

Sun company shows, abandoned coming 2004 strong later, they saw readmit the meaning of Intel processor, because the Woodcrest and Clovertown function to powerful chip has had greatly,rise.

To the act of Sun company, it is very normal that AMD company shows. Richard represents official of this company presiding sale, AMD company believes competition is a positive force, sun company is the first batch of manufacturers that can listen attentively to client demand to use AMD bright dragon, AMD company also approbates Sun to use the act of Intel processor.

Be worth what carry is, before using Intel processor 2002, sun company uses the Sparc processor that produces by oneself all the time in the server. Additional, the architect Andy Bechtolsheim of server of Sun company top class X86 appeared last year on the Intel development congress September. Net canal downloads Dl.bitscn.com

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