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2007 Intel server / workstation advocate board encyclopedia
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2007 Intel server / workstation advocate board encyclopedia

The Intel company is the semiconductor chip manufacturer with the biggest whole world, it held water 1968, it is the history that one furniture has innovation of 38 years of products and market leader. From 1971 Intel rolled out the whole world the first microprocessor. Produced far-reaching effect to whole industry.

Up to now the computer industry microprocessor that Intel develops increasingly for the whole world not only, still offer chip group, board card, system and software to wait at the same time. These products are the component of standard computer framework. The respect serves to be increasingly arisen global Internet economy to supply the structural frame of comprehensive system in solution of news report of client computer, server, network, Internet and Internet.

Here, the author was rectified meticulously 2007 Intel server / workstation advocate board the product of whole set, pass simple collect, the server that convenient everybody understands the main aspect in the round / workstation advocate board.

1, the server of correspondence of Intel chip group / workstation advocate board:

Intel comes powerful processor is compatible advocate board

Intel gallops 4 processor are compatible advocate board

2, Intel server / workstation advocate watch of plate gauge case: