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Sun quickens Niagara server
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Sun quickens Niagara server next year to push Sun of   of   of 16 nucleuses product to release the server of UltraSparc T1 Niagara with operation rapidder rate last week, server of Rock of farther affirmatory high end can be in second half of the year was rolled out 2008.

Fadi Azhari of director of sale of technology of Sparc of Sun much nucleus expresses, existing T1000 and T2000 server use 1GHz or 1.2GHz processor respectively, but new chip speed will be 1.4GHz. In addition, most high capacity from 32GB times add for 64GB, be united in wedlock with faster chip, can promote integral expression to amount to 30 % .

Processor of 1.2GHz of collocation of Niagara T2000 system and 64GB memory, price restrains 68 thousand dollar, but upgrade to 1.4GHz processor, the price cruel add to 85 thousand dollar. The X86 server of the Niagara server of Sun and Galaxy series, it is this company is weighed brace up the two large main force of place of its server market.

Sun is using much core technology actively, promote its Sparc product line. Niagara has 8 core, every can carry out 4 independence to carry out mood at the same time. Order the Niagara II server that rolls out at 2007 second half of the year, every core will be supportable 8 independence carry out mood.

Niagara system is the operation job that is aimed at inferior end. This kind of job is paid attention to more carry out at the same time, the rate that specific and single work achieves and rather than. 2008 second half of the year, sun plans to roll out high end server of edition of chip of 16 nucleuses Rock, but fast synchronism handles many executive task.

Azhari says, rock chip is in on January 3 Tapeout, complete the work that designs a part namely. (one word of Tapeout is out past engineer stocks chip design tape inside, give the movement of chip manufacturer. ) Azhari says, sun engineer was not driven before 2007 to finish Tapeout, because this needs,accept go to work the penalty that makes tie.

In addition, sun still makes public the Neptune of new-style and tailor-made processor that network of lead plane of ameliorable much core works. Brooch of this chip spy blocks a design to the net, can join faultlessly much core Sparc or X86 chip, the aether network with 10GB of many every seconds is online.