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Intel: 4 nucleuses gained ground 2007 be not myth
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Intel: 4 nucleuses gained ground 2007 be not myth double nucleus was 2006 undoubtedly the one big heat on X86 server market. And as the Intel end last year of 4 nucleuses CPU give heat ahead of schedule, what kind of situation will the server industry 2007 face again?

On January 18, intel China holds server media to communicate in Beijing meeting, bulaide of director of market of server of area of China of Hong Li of chief inspector of product of Intel China limited company, Intel. Shafeier and director of market of platform of server of ministry of career of product of Intel China server consider this mortal world one case, review with respect to 6 years look into with 7 years, especially 4 nucleuses gain ground waited for a topic to undertake communicating with the media reporter such as IT168.

2006, intel became two major issues

A year of in the past, it is confused of Intel extraordinary splendour a year when show undoubtedly. Will arrive on May 23 from last year on November 14, in many days of 100 short time, intel replaced product line of its are whole server, rolled out 6 old series early or late in all many 30 processor are tasted newly -- Bensly platform and be aimed at two-way system to strong 5000 (May) , cruel farsighted framework and be aimed at two-way system extremely strong 5100 (June) , double nucleus An Teng 9000.

Nevertheless, in chief inspector of product of Intel China limited company Hong Li looks, intel basically became two major issues actually 2006: It is to roll out brand-new cruel farsighted microprocessor framework will replace gallop the Netburst framework of 4 timeses, unite this framework use at including machine of server, table, jotter and workstation inside on all fronts product; 2 it is workmanship of chip of 65 accept rice received large-scale application, to the end of 2006, intel already shipment more than 70 million processor that are based on Cheng of 65 accept the metric system.

Hong Li still expresses, systematic framework and workmanship are two legs of Intel core technology, be short of one cannot. New systematic framework can bring more powerful function and richer function for processor, and more advanced workmanship can let new design be able to come true finally.

He expresses, what Intel is aimed at technology of this two big core is newer be it is a cycle with two years, namely CPU system framework and workmanship are updated alternately, for instance Intel rolled out cruel 2006 farsighted small framework, batch uses technology of 65 accept rice, so, won't change in the redo on the framework 2007, but can use technology of more advanced 45 accept rice, arrived 2008, it is to be in carry technology of 45 accept rice brand-new framework is rolled out below changeless condition. Apparent, this means Intel to be in same kind of system framework or same below the condition of kind of workmanship, can realize the ceaseless promotion of CPU efficiency. After if workmanship turned from 65 accept rice 2007,be 45 accept rice, the function of transistor of the unit in CPU can promote 20% , the power comsumption of unit transistor can reduce 5 times.
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