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Sun will land China inside first Intel server half an year
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Sun will land Chinese     inside first Intel server half an year on January 23 message, first Sun server that uses Intel processor tastes hopeful newly to land Chinese market inside half an year, the competitor AMD of Intel expresses to welcome to this.

According to foreign media coverage, SUN already abandoned cooperating solely with AMD, use Intel processor first. Both sides signs cooperative agreement in this week, SUN will use Intel to come in its X86 server strong (Xeon) processor, intel will support the Solaris operating system that SUN develops.

SUN China spokesman expresses in connecting a line with phone of sina science and technology, first server hopeful that is based on Intel Xeon 2007 first half of the year shipment, chinese market will be as synchronous as global market. This spokesman still says, this collaboration is to be a client to offer more alternative, won't affect the relation of SUN and AMD.

"Very a bit more important it is palpability of outward bound watch, SUN also is an open platform, open platform also is AMD is advocated all the time be in. " SUN spokesman tells sina science and technology so.

Analyst of IT of easy view international plum 翀 thinks, the gain in hardware of server domain future will be very small, software and service are met very make money, SUN and the purpose that Intel cooperates should to extend its Solaris operating system energetically. Intel CEO Ou Dening ever also expressed, cooperate this not processor of bureau be confined to, both sides still will popularize Solaris together.

SUN respect is done not have evasive afore-mentioned viewpoints, its spokesman says frankly SUN values software very much at present, SUN also is emphasizing the importance of Solaris all the time.

"A very important signal is, intel admitted Solaris is the mainstream, can make larger investment to it, solaris also can have bigger market, conversely this also has in high-end market to Intel platform urge action. " SUN spokesman thinks, this collaboration has the effect that accelerates each other to SUN and Intel.

Spokesman of news of AMD China area expresses to support to the collaboration of SUN and Intel, weigh AMD " glad to see this kind of competition " . It is consistent that SUN chooses to open the concept that proposes open platform with AMD, SUN is listening to user voice all the time, this also is SUN special at the beginning the account that uses AMD processor widely.

The other side still discloses, SUN still is the strategic partner of AMD, both sides will carry hand promotion to include AMD4 nucleus 2007 inside a lot of taste newly with the technology.