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2006 general situation of a group of people of same interest of 3 big servers
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2006 general situation of 3 big server a group of people of same interest

Intel server: Arrive again to double nucleus from odd nucleus 4 nucleuses

The Intel framework server 2006 experienced the development of odd nucleus, double nucleus, 4 nucleuses.

The delegate product of odd nucleus is the Xeon of Prestonia core, 604 sutural, support HT technology. The Xeon that even if is Nocona core improved technology, increased Cache, also did not cause the change on integral framework. Although the Paxville later reveals the double nucleus Xeon that went out to be enclosed together, but it is 604 sutural electrical outlet likewise, it is the chip group of E7520 likewise, what what differ is the area of the change on workmanship, Die that increases ceaselessly, and the power comsumption of overgrowth. Net canal downloads Dl.bitscn.com

Product of double nucleus delegate is the cruel that be called farsighted the double nucleus Xeon of system of 2 small frameworks, code name Dempsey, its biggest change is model became Xeon 5000 from Xeon. But the workmanship of new GA771 interface, redesigned structure, 65nm, let Dempsey have the feature of processor of new generation server. The Woodcrest that comes out subsequently nevertheless enhanced cruel farsighted the feature of 2 frameworks, will primary one's duty opened 2MB × the L2 Cache of 2 is amalgamative the L2 Cache that becomes measure of a 4MB, made up for Dempsey power comsumption to surprise tall blemish, its official name is Xeon 5100 series.

Clovertown of processor of 4 nucleuses Xeon remains Intel cruel farsighted 2 frameworks, compositive on a silicon chip 4 processor core, share the L2 Cache of two 4MB. Look from the framework, it special be similar to odd nucleus processor to become Dempsey (5000) the appearance of processor, it resembles two Woodcrest (5100) go all out was in one case. The computational ability photograph of Dempsey is deficient in somewhat than Woodcrest, the reason is the texture in L2 Cache differs, two core share a big Cache, efficiency should cross every nucleus high to enjoy respective 2MB Cache alone apparently; The 5100 series that the 5300 series of 4 nucleuses compare, resemble two processor and be together, every two core use the Cache of 4MB, altogether has the Cache of 8MB, such function get promotion, similar from the odd nucleus expression to Dempsey, particularly won't outstanding, but to processor fictitious change, partition application is more advantageous.

From the point of real test result, the cruel of Intel farsighted the processor of these 3 servers below 2 frameworks, suit a choice most should count 5100 series, power comsumption is low, performance is high; The E5300 processor of 4 nucleuses looks from real test as a result, compare really 5100 should a few taller, but in light of the price from put on sale, do beautiful component to want prep above practical, after all its L2 Cache or apart 8MB; As to 5000 series, held only advocate the dominant position with high frequency, be in inferior position on function and power comsumption, low-cost nevertheless.
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