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AMD: Barcelona sex price compares 4 nucleuses exceed Intel 40%
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AMD: Barcelona sex price compares 4 nucleuses exceed Intel 40%

The message occupied Beijing time on January 24 foreign media is newest report, afterwards Intel is at will rolling out code name last year in November " Clovertown " after Xeon 5300 of processor of 4 nucleuses server, its competitor AMD will is at its code name was being rolled out in year 2007 " Barcelona " 4 nucleuses processor, and its speed will exceed it is reported Intel " Clovertown " . The net is in charge of allied BitsCN@com

This message is by AMD server and workstation business vice-president orchid Di Allan (Randy Allen) offer, the AMD4 nucleus processor that he represents new generation " Barcelona " function will be compared " Clovertown " tower above 40 % , consumer people pay close attention to processor function only, high-powered sheet piece circuit chip is optimal choice apparently. Net canal downloads Dl.bitscn.com

Be not only AMD begins to undertake conduct propaganda before the product goes heat, at the outset Intel alleges its code name is " Woodcrest " Xeon 5100 compares tower above of AMD processor function at least 40 % .

Mercury Research chief analyst Dian Maikekalun (Dean McCarron) think, intel have the aid of rolled out 4 nucleuses processor to restore competition ability, early the evidence before makes clear " Clovertown " short-term inside breathtaking made the contribution with far-reaching imply for Intel, 2006 the 3rd quarter, intel restored competition ability, recover the share of server processor market that ever lost AMD.

Recently, company of sun small system announces to will roll out the server that is based on Intel processor, end pair of AMD all the time the dependence since. Intel spokesman Bill Keerkaosi (Bill Kircos) say: "Let a competitor say them, we go our. " he still states Intel will improve its product function and efficiency ceaselessly.

Analyst of Technology Business Research John Sipuna (John Spooner) express, intel is used " Clovertown " apply to AMD pressure, intel is OK 4 nucleuses processor " Clovertown " the price is approximate Yu Jishuang nuclear processor Xeon 5100. To this, AMD must give out lower price serves as a response in order to satisfy customer.