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06 servers market 19.2 billion
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Tide of 19.2 billion IBM leads 06 servers market each coquettish on January 23, CCID " market research of computer of 2006 year China reports " give heat. So far, diffusing " double nucleus " " 4 nucleuses " of smoke of gunpowder server market ended 2006. This report shows: Overall market dimensions was as high as mainland area server 2006 19.24 billion yuan, with photograph comparing grew 10.6% 2005, chinese market is become draw the engine that uses growth of market of server of whole Asia-Pacific area. In the meantime, traditional industry still is to help the main force that uses server market demand, the burgeoning application of the government such as sanitation of earthquake, public security, environmental protection, public relations is become pull the window that uses market growth.

The report points out: As the maturity of Chinese server market, the client is purchased tend gradually reason, the price is the mainest factor that the client pays close attention to no longer. Average price compared the server to dropped 2005 only 2006 4.3 percent, "Efficiency " the new central issue that becomes client attention. Accordingly, the competitive central issue between server manufacturer begins to change direction to supply catenary competition what spread out around client application completely by price war. The manufacturer upgrades in the round to the contention of channel, the osmosis of channel force enlarges 34 class city from city of class of just a little.

Brand-new competitive posture was not broken at present the competitive pattern of server market, the argue of a group of people of same interest of brand of China and foreign countries still is in stalemate. Foreign manufacturer respect, before IBM, HP, DELL continues to control 3 strong; And tide server ranks homebred firm again the first, whole the 4th, the market is had rate for 11.8% ; It is to associate later with dawn. Be worth what carry is, this is after from 1996 tide obtains champion of Chinese server sales volume first, eleventh second continue to hold a title homebred the first. Net canal downloads Dl.bitscn.com

In fractionize market respect, traditional governmental market makes the point of growth with server new 2006 market. The first year when carry out as 915 programs, the government was purchased 2006 appear piece " deepen golden word project " " increase new applying " wait for a characteristic. On one hand " gold " word project begins by in the center of permeate to the place, wait for a domain in digital environmental protection, communal sanitation, earthquake on the other hand, the government begins to quicken investment. 2006, dimensions of governmental industry market grew 22.6 % , exceed an industry to increase a level on average greatly. IBM is in governmental industry the increase rate of 20% , expression is conspicuous; And tide continues to enlarge its to be in the overwhelming advantage of governmental industry, with the very market advantage of 26% , the 2nd IBM 8 percent, reside firmly 4 years continuously the first. In position of advantage of governmental industry market consolidate, also be the main reason that tide held domestic dominant position 2006.
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