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Break Intel gold body hard homebred Long Xin obtains Internet to support
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Homebred Long Xin won the support of application software of the first large Internet, but the monopoly that still breaks Microsoft Intel system hard.
The download that Long Xin appeared sadly in the page of IM software download of Tecent company hints. This is indicating the Long Xin QQ that designs for dragon core computer only is formal already consign is used, henceforth will can apply generally on Long Xin computer. This is the first Internet software that supports this computer.
At present dragon core computer is less than 2000 yuan in the quote on its official net. Yesterday, long Xin concerns respect controller to disclose to the reporter, at present the sale still basically is a government purchase. According to introducing, want to form overall competition with foreign forestall tycoon, what should answer above all is the issue with not quite substantial application software, and the equal communication ability between different system is Long Xin popularizes a doorsill that must span.
Long Xin QQ is to be based on Tecent the LINUX version before this, it is Long Xin CPU technically custom-built, do not have what distinction with Linuxqq function. But the instruction market because of Long Xin CPU and INTEL and AMD is different, want a foundation so of CPU different offer compile version accordingly.