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Nehalem releases much nucleus of periodic too long AMD to be able to be denied t
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On the Intel autumn last week, intel disclosed the more detail of Nehalem of next coming generation processor framework. Chip of the first Nehalem will be used at 4 nucleuses server, the plan of Intel is the autumn appears on the market. Later, the double nucleus of machine of table of Nehalem family expenses of the others, 4 nucleuses and 8 nucleuses chip, will arrive this year between next year appear on the market gradually.

The analyst Jim McGregor of In-Stat expresses, on IDF, intel ever mention lightly ground is mentioned, the issuance of whole Nehalem framework will is as long as 4 to 5 quarters.

"Because,this is likely very, chip is more more complex than what anticipate, "On the autumn IDF that holds in san Francisco in Intel, such McGregor say, "Generally speaking, should appear an OK and patulous schedule when, it is to show existence is worn normally a few challenges, on design or the technology that support chip group. This is the lesson that gets from AMD releases Barcelona. Try when you will 4 or more core are compositive go up to a chip when, the probability that encounters a trouble is higher. The probability that encounters a trouble is higher..
Nevertheless, up to now, intel does not have the problem that when divulging any Nehalem are being designed, encounters.
The company is in charge of the chip that revealed Nehalem8 core on IDF. Last week 3, intel says the Dunnington processor of 6 core will be released in next month. This also will be Intel continues to precede competitor AMD company's important one step.

Will be in in the AMD that second half of the year released processor of server of 6 core Istanbul 2009 the leading Yang Zhi with Intel can gain a few opportunities that breath in battle.
Gabriel seeks advice from the analyst Dan Olds of the company to say, actually very willing Nehalem releases AMD cycle is very long, this means them to be inside prospective a few months need not make a fight with the 8 core chip of Intel. Nevertheless his complement says, although this gave AMD to offer a few breath opportunity, but backward still Intel just meets their much nucleus product one year roll out