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Intel CEO: Demand of 騊 C still does not have the evidence of slow down
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In July 31 messages, intel is presiding Keleige Beiruite expresses apparitor on Wednesday, intel predicts global PC demand does not have slow down, although the United States is mixed,other country appeared economic problem.

Beiruite comes to Lisbon is to sign to produce 500 thousand for the school with Spanish government cheap the trading of portable computer draft. Beiruite says to journalist in Lisbon, intel is wireless to low case PC and broadband demand foreground of the system is hopeful.

Beiruite says, we are right of business forecasting is relatively hopeful. Although American economy appeared problem, but, we are the companies of internationalization, any sign that we did not see PC market falls. He says, the severe double image that a lot of countries were not grown speed slow down by American economy is noisy. This makes clear, the influence of this crisis is finite.

Beiruite says, we see American economy added fast slow down to had affected world other area. When global economy does not have normal circumstance driving in that way, but it also is not catastrophic.

Besides the broadband wireless system is mixed besides PC of next generation low case, intel thinks in health the domain still will roll out more digital functions. This kind of equipment not only backstage respect and diagnosing a respect remotely to have tremendous opportunity.

Be aimed at European Union committee to accuse to the antitrust of Intel recently, beiruite says, when global prices rises, the price fall of microprocessor and computer is had " the property that opposes currency Peng going up " . This is an attestation that this industry height competes.