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Start 3.2G Intel is new the end of the year of 8 lines Cheng releases 4 nucleuse
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According to the plan with current Intel, the four seasons spent the CPU of the structural frame of the first Nehalem that will roll out 2008, this are initiative frequency is 3.2 GHz. And will be so also the CPU with the fastest industry, can last to 2009 at least first quarter, and will appear what replace it in 9 years of the 2nd quarter.

Intel claims, want to be able to make Nehalem faster only, even if is right Bloomfield is transformed upgrade to also be indifferent to.

Start 3.2G Intel is new 4 nucleuses / the end of the year of 8 lines Cheng is released

At present the Bloomfield of 3.2GHz has to come from the processor Deneb at AMD, the Bloomfield that Intel also knows to Deneb exceeds 3.2GHz on frequency also is the problem on time only, although still do not know to want how long, but after all of frequency exceed with respect to what mean function to go up more than, intel must be this 4 core / the thing of 8 lines Cheng worries.

To AMD, want to surmount the Bloomfield of 3.2GHz on speed, crucial time is in 9 years of the 2nd quarter, as to whether hold, decided in him AMD completely.