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Solid state hard disk is about to replace the nine reason of traditional hard di
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Hard disk memory will give place to finally to be mixed simplier the solid state hard disk with taller efficiency. Want proof? Rare nimble science and technology, western data, SamSung, Toshiba, Fuji is connected, the manufacturer such as Intel, AMD, beautiful optical science and technology, SanDisk and LSI Logic is in begin to shape as next generation processor and develop energetically shine put a technology. The company such as Spansion and Virident Systems company's subordinate EcoRAM is developing technology of advanced solid state hard disk. NAND shines putting is actor dish core. The product such as malic IPod and IPhone uses device of this kind of storage. EMC, dai Er and small system company are the firm that for its equipment of server and memory array provides solid state hard disk the first batch to choose.
Solid state hard disk will replace traditional hard disk. Be not each person to endorse this point of view. This may need time a few years, perhaps need the time of whole generation person. A few reason that solid state hard disk will replace traditional hard disk are below.
1. Reliability is high, service life grows </P>
Spansion is producing a name to be the solid state hard disk of EcoRAM with Virident collaboration. The rate of hard disk product that hard disk of next generation solid state that Spansion rolls out compare a tradition in the test is gotten quickly much. Be in in the near future in, still give development this kind of more hard disk.

2. Visit rate is rapidder
NAND shines put the rate that than traditional whirl hard disk visits memory fast 30 to 40 times.
3. Inferior defer
Because visit data of memory speed fast clavier - the reaction time of indication screen is very fast, in move from the first task the 2nd task when do not need to await a few cleared the process of trace of the first task.
4. The mobile component that is impossible to damage or get stuck
This is an excuse that solid state hard disk proves him advantage.
5. The capacity will improve </P very quickly>
Manufacturer about every 6 months can show NAND the size that keep raises a new standard. Toshiba and Dai Er rolled out those who configure hard disk of 128GB solid state recently.

Before long, this capacity can raise one times.
6. Power consumption is low
Mean power source demand without mobile component little. Spansion president holds presiding apparitor Cambou concurrently to say, the power consumption that we predict to hard disk of Spansion EcoRAM solid state can help a server of Internet data center decreases 75% , offer traditional server memory for the server with same power consumption the memory capacity of fourfold above.
7. reduces carbolic discharge capacity
Without gyral hard disk, quantity of heat is discharged will decrease, won't discharge carbon dioxide to the middle of air so or discharge capacity is few.
8. needs very few cooling facility
The component does not move to cannot see rub sassafras. NAND shines put chip to also can give out heat, but hot in that way without traditional hard disk.
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