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AMD may sell its chip plant the partner
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Beijing time on August 11 " commercial weekly publication " the article points out, the AMD that struggles hard perhaps can offer its chip manufacturer the partner, next dedicated Yu Tongying is special the competition of Er.

Chip manufacturer AMD announced a few days ago, it will produce the reform that older rate has on mode in chip, but the specific content that it did not disclose reform. The widespread attention that caused wall street investor and industry of Silicon Valley IT as a result and guess.

AMD is facing the hardest period of time since the company founds now, company battalion closes since this year for 2.8 billion dollar, deficit reachs 1.6 billion dollar. The difficult problem that it is facing now is: The personal computer chip that if why continueing to produce,can contend with the product photograph of competitor Intel and server chip while, need not bear cost of too heavy chip manufacturer operation again?

Had said it is making before AMD the name is " Asset Smart " new strategy, the main purpose of that strategy is in managing expenditure while the productivity that retains a firm. On July 17 just nonofficeholding before CEO Lu Yi wisdom say, he turns on the changeover that after holding the post of a company to carry out president, will center the key in the company that finish. Personage of the analysis inside a lot of course of study of chip industry believes, this changes will be the key that concerns AMD life and death to live or die one battle.

Outside be being used partly at least, wrap

AMD did not make public his to plan all the time, the chip that this flies to all over the sky to the message is very scarce for the industry. AMD did not plan to make overmuch comment to its, just issued a brief statement: "The world-class productivity that AMD will think all method as always to adjust his and balance concern, in order to achieve the optimal combination of operation of inside and outside. In order to achieve the optimal combination of operation of inside and outside..

"Optimal combination " this are very important, the bag outside because this shows AMD,can producing the part at least goes out. Its main productivity comes from German heart tired this two pausing manufacturers and among them production facility. It still is had in Malaysia and Singapore two check and assemble a factory, there also is assembly in China factory. The personage inside most course of study thinks, AMD can produce the part the bag outside business to give manufacturer of tripartite chip to be like the concessionary semiconductor of Singapore. Actually, to satisfy the demand that market demand increases, AMD had spread out collaboration with concessionary semiconductor. Stage accumulating report also assumed AMD to show ATI of calorie of chip business department to produce the job partly.

Sell the manufacturer is sure pair of AMD are advantageous, but also can reveal an a few problems. Above all, the operation expenditure that wants to reduce AMD still needs very long time, AMD is in this money year the operation expenditure first half of the year is as high as 1.6 billion dollar, than the corresponding period the wool profit of 1.3 billion dollar is even high many. After selling a manufacturer, AMD will become the firm that do not have a factory, it is it to produce chip by the manufacturer such as electron of report of concessionary semiconductor, stage accumulating, couplet China next. Mix to Nvidia, Broadcom connect high etc for the manufacturer, having a factory to change is a kind of success. And, this action may be contrary to with the traditional photograph of AMD, ceng Zixu of its author Jerry Sanders is the true chip industrialist that has a manufacturer.
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