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Video server market will reach 1.5 billion dollar 2013
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Current, market of global video server (include broadcast, cable television and Telco TV) present health to rise situation, predict to 2013 its gross income will reach 1.5 billion dollar. Among them, telco TV (telegraphic TV) market growth is most driving, arrive from 2007 2013, its year compound increase rate will be achieved 28% , of cable television year compound growing rate is 13.5% , and broadcast market growth is the slowest, it is only 8% .

ABI studies firm analyst Zippy Aima expresses: "Cable television, broadcast and Telco TV are the market that competes highly. To consumer cable television is mixed broadcast is more traditional recreation pattern, but cable television and business of Telco TV operation roll out new user service quickly, so that get used to tendency of the market quickly. And to retain competition ability, broadcast operation business also can try hard get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Broadcast operation business also can try hard get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh..

Although Telco TV starts in North America slower, but its industrialized state growth in other is rapid. As the successor, telco TV used latest technology on one hand, have not tall to having infrastructure to ask characteristic on the other hand, this explained the reason that Telco TV grows strong on partial level.

To these 3 markets, manufacturer of most video server at least gaze at two among them, and the target of increasing manufacturer is the platform that should provide to carry end. A few big companies such as Cisco, Sun, Motolora and Arris company have an advantage quite, because they can be rolled out,concern the solution with video bigger, more comprehensive server. Nevertheless Aima points out: "Even if those dimensions are lesser, more professional video server firm is in be eager for doing sth, preparation enters this flourishingly the market. Preparation enters this flourishingly the market..