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IBM I05 rises steadily rank the 5th carry out the classical sheet nucleus of 15800 yuan of IBM gets all the time to series of strong server X346 user reputably, among them server of a X346-I05 is the frequenter of before the product pays close attention to a list of names posted up to rank 10 more, this server is further upward nowadays, the rank rises to the 5th, the Dai Er PE2950 of double nucleus server of the 6th is ranked before exceeding order.

The server of two-way frame type that server of IBM X346 8840-I05 is framework of a 2U, use processor of Intel Xeon 3.0GHz, 800MHz front bus line, 2 class of 2MB cache, support EM64T technology. This kind of technology permits a client with 32 or 64 patulous mode run as compatible as Intel software to support 64 to expand, allow to apply a program to use more memory in the system thereby, promotion visits speed.

Product front view
IBM XSeries 346 8840-I05 (Xeon 3.0GHz/1GB/73GB)

Memory mark matchs 1GB, 8 memory insert groove, highest support 16GB. Deserve to have the SCSI hard disk of a 73GB, in all 6 hard disk insert groove to be able to support 1.8TB memory capacity most. Card of net of aether of collect thousand million and DVD ROM CD driver.

Basic configuration

IBM XSeries 346 (8840-I05)

Server type

2U frame type



Mark matchs CPU to count / number of the largest support


Memory (RAM) standard / most greatly


Hard disk type / several



Net of aether of collect thousand million gets stuck

CD driver

DVD-ROM service 3 years finite guarantee


15800 yuan

IBM X346 applies to pivotal business application program and data are concentrated model environment. Because this recommends the FTP server as business group, also can use at mail, Web and medium or small database.