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Associate double nucleus depreciates again
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Associate double nucleus depreciates again the reporter got perfect T280 price 16300 yuan recently message, the price of server of type of tower of double nucleus of two-way of a T280 that associate falls somewhat, at present price is 16300 yuan.

This associates server mark of perfect T280 S5050 512/73N matchs an Intel double nucleus to come strong 5050 processor, core frequency 3.0GHz, 1066MHz front bus line, 2 class of 4MB cache. Mark matchs memory of 512MB DDR2 FBD, 24GB of capacity of the oldest memory. The server is compositive controller of double passageway Ultra 320 SCSI, mark matchs hard disk of a 73GB SCSI. The server is compositive 10/100/1000M gets used to aether net to block two oneself, peripheral deserves to have 3.5 inches of of CD-ROM CD driver and 1.44MB soft drive.

Associate double nucleus depreciates again perfect T280 price 16300 yuan
Associate perfect T280 S5050 512/73N

Associate perfect T280 series contains 6 I/O patulous chamfer, offer an an a PCI-Express X8, PCI-Express X4, PCI-X and 2 32bit/33MHz PCI to insert groove. Protective user is original the compatibility of equipment, obligate is patulous space, protect the investment of the user. The server is contained automatic and energy-saving fall design of a confusion of voices, can eliminate or the noise that reduce human body to experience more apparent frequency, protection system operates personnel health.

Basic configuration

Associate perfect T280 S5050

Server type

Tower type


Intel double nucleus comes strong 5050 processor 3.0GHz

Mark matchs CPU several / support a number greatly most

1/2 memory (RAM) standard / the biggest 512MB/24GB

Hard disk type / several



Shuang Qianzhao gets used to aether net oneself calorie

Soft drive / CD driver

1.44MB/CD-ROM service spot guarantees (component and 3 years of manpower)


16300 yuan

This server uses double nucleus 5000 series processor, operation rate is higher, but memory is inferior, proposal user is added match memory, recommend use at server of system of sectional class finance affairs and mail, Web to wait.