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HP G5 is added again taste newly
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HP G5 is added again taste newly match 5110CPU to make work the G5 server of 21000 yuan of HP begins a large number of appearing on the market eventually, again 417453-AA1 of server of a DL380 G5 arrives now put on sale, current price is 21000 yuan.

The server mark of this DL380 G5 of HP matchs an Intel to come strong processor of 5110 pairs of nucleuses, core frequency 1.60GHz. Advocate board introduce series of Intel 5000P chip, contain 1066MHz front bus line and 1x4MB 2 class cache. Mark matchs memory of 1GB DDR2-667 complete amortize, use advanced memory to protect a technology, support memory 32G greatly most.

Product front view
HP ProLiant DL380 G5 (417453-AA1)

Memory respect, the server deserves to have the controller of intelligent array E200 of cache of 64MB high speed, supportive RAID 0, 1. Mark deserves not to have hard disk, heat of 576GB SAS of the largest support is inserted unplug hard disk. The server contains 5 I/O to expand insert groove, it is 3 PCI Express X4 and 2 PCI Express X8 respectively. Additional, the server is compositive embedded double NC373i is muti_function thousand net gets stuck, optional CD-ROM, DVD, DVD/CD-RW combines peripheral aspect CD driver, DVD R/RW or floppy disk driver.

Basic configuration

Series of HP ProLiant DL380 G5

Server type

2U frame type (3.5 inches)


Intel comes strong double nucleus 5110

Core frequency 1.60GHz

CPU several / support a number greatly most


Memory (RAM) standard / most greatly

DDR2 mark matchs 1GB, the biggest 32G

Hard disk type

Support 576G SAS greatly most, mark deserves to be not offerred


Of TCP/IP Offoad engine embedded double NC373i is muti_function thousand net gets stuck

CD driver

Mark matchs do not offer


21000 yuan

Expanded than new-style DL380 G5 with DL380 G4 photograph its design a tradition, it is normal to have business class the function to strong two-way processor mixes run time and the Intel that can manage practice of gender, course to examine the 2U density that applies to a variety of frame deploy and application, recommend use at the space provider of finite business data center, service, and the small and medium sized business with more complex application.
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