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HP 4U falls 12%
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HP 4U falls a 12% DL580 G3 make work now 46000 yuan of reporters got an information from agency part recently, the price of server of a DL580 G3 of HP has again new fluctuant, current price is 46000 yuan, dropped than 53000 yuan before a month 12% the left and right sides.

HP DL580 G3 399778-AA1 is server of type of frame of a 4U, advocate board use Intel 8500 chip group, mark matchs an Intel to come strong processor of double nucleus of 64 7020 2.66GHz, 667MHz front bus line, 2 class of 2*1MB cache, most supportable 4 processor. Mark matchs 1GB (2*512MB) DDR2 memory, supportive ECC and online reserve memory function. Memory is maximum supportable to 64GB.

Product front view
HP Proliant DL580 G3(399778-AA1)

Server mark deserves not to supply hard disk, 1.2TB of capacity of optional the oldest hard disk (contain optional 300GB U320 general heat to insert unplug hard disk driver) , can upgrade to SAS hard disk. Mark matchs to be able to play a style thin model 8 times fast / 24 times fast DVD-ROM CD driver, optional play a style thin model soft drive. Compositive embedded thousand network of PCI-X 10/100/1000T of NC7782 double port adapter, 6 heat are inserted unplug redundant fan (can disassemble alone) .

Basic configuration

HP DL580 G3 (399778-AA1)

Server type

4U frame type


Intel comes strong 64 7020 2.66GHz

Mark matchs CPU several / support a number greatly most


Memory (RAM) standard / most greatly

1GB(2*512MB)PC2-3200 DDR2/64GB

Hard disk type / most high capacity

Without SCSI/1.2TB


Embedded thousand net of PCI-X 10/100/1000T of NC7782 double port gets stuck

Soft drive / CD driver

Optional / 8X/24X DVD-ROM


3 years finite guarantee


46000 yuan

HP DL580 G3 regards level of a company as 4 servers, contain 5 64 PCI-X (3 133MHz, 2 100MHz) , optional additional two heat are inserted unplug 64 / 133MHz PCI-X inserts groove or 2 X4 PCI-E insert groove or a X8 PCI-E inserts groove, make this product is had but augment ability and usability. Recommend use at financial system, email and large database.

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