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HP rolls out newest 146G
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HP rolls out price of hard disk of newest 146G SAS agency of 4000 yuan of reporters is in get an information, hard disk of SAS of appropriative of server of G5 of a batch of HP has arrived put on sale, include HP among them newest the 146G SAS hard disk that roll out.

The SAS hard disk that this HP server rolled out 146G shows HP has begun to pay close attention to the demand of server market, the main trend that measures SAS hard disk to tall memory draws close. The SAS hard disk of the HP before this has 36G and 72G only two kinds, the user of HP server can buy 146G eventually nowadays more the SAS hard disk of high capacity.

The cent of SAS hard disk that arrives this is mixed for 2.5 inches 3.5 inches of hard disk two kinds, the reporter had gotten the quoted price of 2.5 inches of hard disk at present, price of 2.5 inches 73G SAS hard disk is 2500 yuan, the price of 146G SAS hard disk is 4000 yuan. Quote returns 3.5 inches hard disk to did not decide at present, the user that has need pays close attention to follow-up story further please.