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Before Bensley is sold 10
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The person that before Bensley is sold 10 Dai Er PE2950 make work to was written down 15300 yuan recently pays close attention to the discovery on pop chart from the product, although the rank of PE2950 server of Dai Er fell by the 5th the 6th, but it is the before 10 introduces Bensley platform exclusively products in the name however. Current price is 15300 yuan.

Product front view
DELL PowerEdge 2950 (Xeon 3.0GHz/1GB/73GB)

DELL PE2950 is the frame type server of a 2U, use Intel 5000 set come processor of 3.0GHz of strong double nucleus, 2 class of 2MB cache, 800MHz front bus line, support 2 CPU at most. Memory of use ECC DDRII, mark matchs 1G, the biggest 32G. Mark matchs the SAS hard disk of a 73GB, total memory capacity is as high as 1.8TB. Collect is geminate inside thousand net blocks buy.

Basic configuration


Server type

2U frame type


5000 set come Intel 3.0GHz of strong double nucleus

CPU several / support a number greatly most


Memory (RAM) standard / most greatly


Hard disk type / several

73G*1 SCSI/6 carries Raid card


Double inside thousand net blocks buy

Soft drive / CD driver

Not have / CD-ROM serves 3 years finite guarantee


15300 yuan

The double nucleus that DELL PE2950 uses 5050 processor, support capacity of 1.8TB of 6 SAS hard disk, serve as database application to suit very much, add this server to deserve to have Raid card, user of medium and small businesses considers to use the word of this server, will reduce the total cost of the enterprise.