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The 1U server Jing of 160G of double bright dragon explodes 4xxx yuan!
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The 1U server Jing of 160G of double bright dragon explodes 4xxx yuan! Before paragraph server of Wikipedia-1050/I of a when time comes out strong oxygen became market to go up the deploys hard disk of memory of double Opteron, 1G DDR ECC REG, 80G professional 1U of optimal value server, and did not use the OP240 CPU that lowest carries commendably however the high-end server power source of box of two OP242, professional 1U and 460W rated power, returned mark to match ultrathin CD driver and PCI-X to turn even accept card, potential energy of this kinds of 4999 price offers this kind of configuration at that time already mysterious, and we learned recently, rise in price in memory so long later, this server keeps the price not only changeless still, and hard disk upgrades to 160G, it is quite honest really!

Strong oxygen Wikipedia-1050/I, it has the character with lead industry, 1U dimension, power comsumption is very low, support processor of double AMD Opteron, be as high as memory of 16GB two-way across, 1 inside embed card of network of type double channel and a 133MHz PCI-X to expand insert groove, utmost ground handles I/O handling capacity, can extensive at the domain such as service of high-powered computation, network, safety and multimedia application applying, the density that can offer a high-powered, low cost for the client optimizes type solution.

We let see the fragrant look of this server first below:

Face plate comparatives before concise and easy, besides condition indicator light it is mains switch, before buy USB interface and two hard disk, an ultrathin CDROM go up with two the knob screw that frame can use, makings of other external use and treatment level are quite high.

Power source is the active PFC1U power source of rated power of an entrance 460W, offer stable and reliable power output for system of a complete set of.

This is lead plane vertical view, explain to facilitate, we inserted PCI-X chamfer position card of a SATA RAID serves as demonstrate. OK and clear see, layout of design of lead plane structure is quite relaxed, medicinal powder hot design is very ideal also.

This angle can come loose CPU hot part and memory, advocate board it is very clear that power supply part looks, for the result that the photograph shows we are inserted full all 8 memory chamfer, this server can bear the memory of DDR ECC REG of 2G*8=16G at most.

Standard configuration
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