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FX540 core, workstation of Zheng Rui double AMD makes work only 8990 yuan
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FX540 core, zheng Rui double AMD workstation makes work only 8990 yuan

Before paragraph the workstation that company of time Zheng Rui released a model to be ZRA228730W, it is one used two bright dragon and FX 540 to show the workstation of core, its are overall performance is very good, at present it sells with 8990 yuan price special offer, the price still calculates petty gain, look together.

This workstation mark deserves to have core of Quadro FX 540, the processor of two AMD Opteron 248 is built-in cache of 2M high speed, this makes graph processing more relaxed, the function is more powerful, configure memory of 1G DDR Registered(ECC) , overall function gets ensuring.

This workstation used the CPU of two AMD Opteron 248, NF4 PRO advocate board chip group, 1G DDR/REG/ECC memory, SATA160G/7200/8M hard disk, SATA RAID(RAID 0, 1, 10) array, FX540/128 shows chip, tower type lead plane, 520W power source, the net blocks Shuang Qianzhao.

At present this workstation quote is 8990 yuan, computation of analysis of the 3D CAD/CAM that can be used at the mainstream, engineering, three-dimensional animation is made, advertisement design, emulation imitate, complex three-dimensional animation is made reach the side such as CIS system, interested friend looks quickly.