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5 boats SF
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5 boat SF 3160, 1U server makes work only 3990 yuan

The market is to examine the only standard of the product, as the market more and more mature, the frame type server that only fiducial canal uses phone previously also is in average user gain ground to come gradually. All the time since, 5 boats server was hit " do price of Chinese optimal sex to compare a server " catchword, with tall sex valence is compared and the service of high quality formed good public praise in the user, 5 boats rolled out the SF3160 that is based on IDC and file server application again recently, and its price is 3990 yuan only!

Click examine article picture 5 boats SF 3160, 1U server makes work only 3990 yuan

(Graph) 5 boats SF3160

5 boats SF3160 uses the server of 1U frame type that rolls out this Intel 2.8G processor, memory of 1G DDR server, chip of Intel E7210 special server, the stability that can realize environment of job of hour of high strenth, 7*24 moves; Used 160G SATA hard disk, take RAID function oneself, support RAID0, 1 wait for array mode, the function with OK and contented redundant data, valid protective data spares missing; The net blocks 1000M 100M double server, can realize a network redundant, those who assure a network at any time expedite; Overall look, this server had the basic function that server place needs, server of application of OK and contented WEB, file, small-sized database server, and release as fictitious lead plane, information wait for application.

The basic parameter of server of 5 boats SF3160 is as follows


Intel Pentium2.8G


1024M DDR memory / 4GB of the largest support

Hard disk controller

Controller of hard disk of SATA of compositive double passageway
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