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Dai Erjiu acting machine
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The Bensley server sales volume that 1U of Dai Erjiu acting machine tastes PE1950 price newly to wear Er 14000 yuan recently is auspicious, new money also is in a steady stream ceaseless, agency discloses to the reporter now, server of newest a batch of PE1950 arrives, at present the price is 14000 yuan.

Product front view
DELL PowerEdge 1950 (Xeon 3.0GHz/1GB/73GB)

Server of DELL PowerEdge 1950 is server of type of frame of a 1U, advocate board those who use is group of Intel 5000P chip, mark matchs an Intel double nucleus to come processor of strong 5050 3.0GHz, 2 class of 2MB cache. Contain 1GB FBD memory, support 32GB greatly most. Still contain a 10K 146GB SAS 3.5 randomly inch hard disk. Peripheral deserves to have CD driver of a 24X CD-ROM and a soft drive of 1.44MB. Compositive RAID gets stuck.

Basic configuration

DELL PowerEdge 1950

Server type

1U frame type


Intel double nucleus comes processor of strong 5050 3.0GHz

Mark matchs CPU several / support a number greatly most


Memory (RAM) standard / the biggest 1GB/32GB

Hard disk type / several

SAS 146G/2 piece


Double inside buy Broadcom 10/100/1000 Gigabit NIC

CD driver / soft drive

Jotter CD driver / not have


14000 yuan

Compact 1U designs the data center space of managing high value. Frame is concentrated model box and the couple that add peripheral of occupation standard I/O and high capacity hard disk, recommend the database that with Yu Mi collect environment and magnanimity store group.