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Drop defeat 40000 col
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Drop defeat 39000 of price of DL580 G3 of 40000 col HP the reporter before half month once had reported server of DL580 G3 of a HP is about to drop defeat 40000 yuan to close greatly, this price of 4 servers fell eventually nowadays 40000 yuan the following, at present price 39000 yuan.

Product front view
HP ProLiant DL580 G3(377239-AA1)

HP DL580 G3 is server of a 4 machine posture, used Intel 8500 chip group, mark matchs an Intel to come strong MP processor, core frequency 3.16GHz, 2 class of 1MB cache. Mark matchs memory of 1GB (2 X 512MB) DDR2, traversal speed is 400MHz, support 64GB greatly most, have ECC and online reserve memory function.

Server board carry controller of 6i of Ultra320 intelligence array, capacity of optional the oldest hard disk is 1.2TB (general heat of 4X 300GB U320 is inserted unplug hard disk driver) . NC7782 double port is embedded to thousand net gets stuck and can be played inside those who go out is thin model 8X/24X DVD-ROM CD driver.

Basic configuration

HP DL580 G3 (company level applies)

Server type

4U machine posture


Intel Xeon MP 3.16GHz

Mark matchs CPU several / support a number greatly most

1/4 memory (RAM) standard / the biggest 1GB/32GB

Hard disk type / several

Mark matchs without


Card of thousand aether net

Soft drive / CD driver

1.44MB/8X DVD-ROM serves a component 3 years to guarantee / 3 years home comes service


39000 yuan

The box course of 4 servers DL580 G3 redesigns company level, can offer tall flexibility to reach but maintainability. Be based on the newest processor of industrial standard, memory, I/O and network technology, DL580 G3 can provide standard of advanced and other property, in order to satisfy current computation concentrated model applied need. The user such as the operation terminal that recommends environment of need computation ability and tall usability, database and administrative system is used.

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