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Server of IBM System X3400 installs ServeRAID-8k to block move
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One. Install ServeRAID-8k adapter guideline:

Optional ServeRAID-8k adapter can be installed only it is in the special interface on systematic board. Consult please issue a graph to go up in order to understand systematic board the position of this interface.
In X3400 heat is inserted unplug ServeRAID-8k adapter is installed on SAS/SATA type, do not need new link SAS or SATA cable.
Insert easily in X3400 unplug ServeRAID-8k adapter is installed in SATA model, need to receive signal cable another interface on systematic board repeatedly, enable RAID 5 device outlet (add randomly send) receive systematic board repeatedly. Consult the following specification gets cable join information please.

2. Want to install ServeRAID-8k adapter, complete the following step please:

1.Read as follows please antistatic note

Warning: Electrostatic likelihood damages server and other electron equipment. To prevent damage, in prepare installation before electrostatic and sensitive equipment, deposit them all the time please in antistatic in the bag.

Should reduce electrostatic the possibility that release, abide by the following precautionary measures please:
·Reduce shift. Floating conference brings about the static electrodeposition all round your body tired.
·The proposal uses ground connection system. For example, adorn electrostatic release wrist to take (if can be used) . When the server interior of electrify undertakes operating, use from beginning to end please electrostatic release wrist belt or system of other ground connection.
·The brim of handholding equipment or frame, operate facility carefully.
·Do not feel solder contact please, make foot or bare circuit.
·It is OK to do not put equipment do not put equipment in someone else please contact and damage its place.
·Still be in when equipment antistatic when the bag is medium, it and server exterior did not go up the metallic surface of lacquer contacts at least 2 seconds. Can release so antistatic on bag and your body electrostatic.
·Take out facility from inside the bag, do not want to put down, in installing a server directly. If need to drop device, please it replace is antistatic in the bag. The lid outside putting equipment in the server please or metal apparently.
·Should take care all the more when cold weather operates facility. Heating room system can reduce indoor humidity and increase electrostatic.
·Shut server and peripheral equipment, disconnect power supply cord and the join of all exterior cable.

Warning: Should avoid to break off fixed mix or interface of attaint ServeRAID-8k adapter, open reach close do not exert oneself to do sth. please when fixed mix.

3.Debus side is built outside the face
4.Open ServeRAID-8k adapter interface the fixed mix of two end.
5.Will contain of ServeRAID-8k adapter antistatic the holds the post of the lacquer on He Wei metal surface on bag and server undertakes osculatory. Next, take out ServeRAID-8k adapter and battery from inside the bag.
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