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IBM DS6800 memory configures even what receive Windows server methodological cit
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DS6800 is the fiber-optic memory server of a when IBM released 2004 new generation, it is mixed with modular design high-powered celebrated. The article introduced to allocate the disk space of DS6800 the measure of Windows and process.

Join the method pursues as follows:

The picture is browsed in new window by this

Run DS Storage Manager above all, under the management that brings into this machine Storage Manager through the menu of Assign Storage Unit, following graph place show:

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After the success, then DSCLI command undertakes logistic configuration all right:
1.Entry DSCLI, user name is Admin, the password is the password that DS Storage Manager installs.
C:PRogram Filesibmdscli>dscli
Enter Your Username: Admin
Enter Your Password:
Date/Time: On June 7, 2005 afternoon 01 when IBM DSCLI Version of 13 minutes of 58 seconds:

2.Activation Licensekey. Dscli> Applykey -key 0000-F6A5-C705-A43D-31C3-0843-AFA0-0006
Date/Time: On April 26, 2005 afternoon 01 when IBM DSCLI Version of 37 minutes of 49 seconds:
CMUC00199I Applykey: License Machine Code Successfully AppliedTo Storage Image IBM.1750-1321885.

3.Examine the disk amount of this DS6800 and Arrysite.
We have 8 disk here, the system is divided automatically into two Arraysite, s1 and S2. S1 is comprised by D1-D4, s2 is comprised by D5-D8. Dscli> Lsarraysite
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