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RedHat Enterprise Linux actors or actress in the attune on server of IBM System
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3. The attune of the operating system actors or actress

Linux issued version and Linux kernel to offer many parameter and set to help systematic manager move the function with the biggest play that actor system makes. The move that this one chapter described system of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS that move actor and understanding use a few mastery of a skill or technique of Linux system, include
·The memory of Linux manages
·The page of Linux manages
·File system and its influence to function
·Ban with blame must guardianship process
·Use Sysctl moves actor parameter

Before 3.1 attune actor or actress, prepare

Did not begin to discuss the job that move actor in us before, the method that a few good attune actor or actress is very important to us, list below a few relevant clew.
·Actor or actress in tone before any Linux systems, plan a course moving actor that suit.
·Do not produce a system in actor of aspirant travel attune checks.
·Do not change parameter of many attune actor at the same time in the process that move actor.
·Check a likelihood to change the parameter of systematic function repeatedly, can come with statistical data sometimes result of test and verify.
·The parameter that records a success and share them with community, no matter you think how they are trival.

3.2 installation

Below good case, to the attune of a system actor should begin to be in a very early phases, a system should be designed according to the workload that uses forecast. We can understand manager of the system below most circumstance just begin function to move actor to work below the situation that encounters function bottleneck in a system that has installed, but we or the tone actor of the likelihood in wanting the introduction to leave the course that installs in systematic initialization are operated.

Below good case, the problem should begin in Linux system below consider before installation
·The Red Hat Linux of what version to need?
After the demand that collects commerce and application, we need to decide to choose version of which kinds of Linux. Enterprise edition issues version to have commercial agreement normally as a kind of special Linux. If you choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux to still need a consideration below when:
Choose company version Linux or define version Linux oneself?
In environment of certain and scientific test, can receive the Linux version that runs to did not support normally, for example Fedora. But for the application to level of a company, we recommend a Linux version that has support strongly, for example Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Version of company level Linux?
I am sorry, the ability after you need to login examines all and detailed content

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