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IBM DS4800 stores structural design and exterior are summarized
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Frame of – of one.IBM DS4800 (Chassis) design

Cent of unit of controller of foundation of IBM DS4800 memory is 5 main FRU (Field Replacement Units) package
. These component are 2 control module, 2 control support module, mixInterconnect module.

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Graph - design of frame of – of 1 DS4800

·These controller include XOR Engines, processor (Processors) , use the electronic parts that handles I/O with another.
·Controller supports module to include power source and fan.
·Interconnect module is included it is OK that batteries is mixed heat inserts the Midplane module that unplug.
5 all FRUs are to be able to be heated up insert unplug, can online change, allow DS4800 user to realize online time most change greatly.

From the composition of FRUs and exterior, DS4800 and the DS4000 framework previously have bigger different, if you compare DS4800 and DS4500 frame (Chassis) design, you can discover remarkable distinction.

·The controller of DS4800 is located in at the back of controller unit, and the controller of DS4500 is in front.
·The Host-side join of DS4800 and Drive-side join are compositive now to controller interior, is not to resemble DS4500 be located in on detached Minihubs.
·Cache backs up batteries is located in Interconnect module interior now.
·Midplane now is heat is inserted unplug, be located in Interconnect module interior.
·Fan and power source are located in controller to support module interior, in DS4800 forehead.
Through reducing the number of FRUs, DS4800 help simplified to manage the job with maintenance basic controller unit.

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Graph - 2 DS4500 frame (Chassis) design

Forehead of – of 2.IBM DS4800

The forehead of DS4800 includes two controller to support module and Interconnect module.

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