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Floppy disk of BIOS Firmware of card of IBM ServeRAID array upgrades specificati
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Attention: Want to make sure the machine cannot cut off the power in whole refresh process

Upgrade IBM ServeRAID array blocks drive, undertake according to the measure below:

1. Make upgrade the floppy disk that place of ServeRAID BIOS And Firmware requires;

2. Change equipment to start order to be soft drive preferential start;

Attention: If had been installed,have an operating system, must enter a system to upgrade first the array of corresponding version blocks drive, upgrade otherwise may bring about after the BIOS And Firmware that array blocks cannot enter normally
System, land Http://www.ibm.com/support/cn/ to download relevant program to make floppy disk. If do not have installation system, continue to implement the 3rd step;

3. Insert the first piece of floppy disk soft drive, the server that start, a few need according to clew after dish, insert a few again dish undertake upgrading, if do not have clew to get stuck not to need the following refresh floppy disk to this array, specific upgrade move is as follows;

4. The server comes from floppy disk guiding " IBM ROM Update Program Screen " interface, will list on this interface the version with FW Old(ServeRAID current controller) / New(upgrades the version) of foreword of floppy disk intermediate range, the version with BIOS Old(ServeRAID current controller) / New(upgrades the version of foreword of floppy disk intermediate range) and the condition) that whether Status(needs to upgrade;

5.If current version compares ServeRAID controller,upgrade the version of foreword of floppy disk intermediate range is low, criterion screen lower part can show Select "Update" To Update The Microcode Or "Cancel" To Quit. Namely: Choice "Update" will upgrade small yard program or choice "Cancel" are exited upgrade program; If two version are identical, can show Select OK To Restart The Server. Namely: Choice "OK" starts a server afresh;

6. After choosing "Update" , screen can show: Copying Image Files. . . (copy mirror file) , next Updating Microcode (upgrade small yard) ;

7. Upgrade after the end, screen can show following news: You Have Update The Microcode On One Or More Controllers.You Also Must Update The Device DriverAnd Management Software On Your Server To The Same Level As The Microcode.If You Do Not Update The Device Driver Or Managements, Your Configuration Might Be Unsupport. , choose OK to continue next;

8. Here screen can show the detailed information after upgrading, the version that can see ServeRAID controller is current and upgrade the version of foreword of floppy disk intermediate range is same, choose OK to continue next;

9. Right now screen can show the project with the newer place of BIOS And Firmware of this version, choose OK to start a server afresh next, upgrade come here end.

(The End)
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