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EMC CX300 memory installs step brief introduction on Solaris system
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One. Environment:

Sun V440, sunv240, solaris 10,
Emulex LP9002E HBA

2. Installation:

2.1Emulex HBA blocks drive

There is the drive of For EMC in Emulex website, be opposite after installation configuration file / Kernel/drv/lpfc.conf configuration:
Must add among them all right: Fcp-bind-WWPN="500601603020f6d7:lPfc0t5";
500601603020f6d7 expresses is WWPNThe end that Lpfc0t5 represents Lpfc0 interface 5

2.2EMC CX300:

If use the connection that string together a mouth, ip address is forever, the user name when join and countersign:
User: Clariion
Pass: Clariion!
Revise the address of two controller through stringing together a mouth, next the IP address of repass controller undertakes administrative
After storing installation ends. Can manage through the browser. Be likeHttp://
User name: Admin/xxxxxxxx
Can anew set Ip and leader name.

In lead plane end installs Host Agent software, with the software communication on controller, can pass document of following information of command travel collect:
Navicli -h Managefiles -retrieve -file All
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