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An IP proposes many Web site- - law of leader head name
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As a result of all sorts of reasons, we need to build many Web site on an IP address occasionally, in IIS5, we may achieve this goal through simple setting.
In IIS, every Web The site is had exclusive, the label that comprises by 3 parts, use receive and answer a plea:
(1) IP address
(2) carries catchword
(Name of 3) leader head.

In IIS, the Web site of many independence is built on an IP address, have two kinds of methods normally, the article introduces leader head standard with the form with example, use this kind of method to be able to build professional fictitious lead plane.

Environment: Company of?* of in the company of (ah. . . ) provide service of fictitious lead plane with server of a Win2000, the address is Had installed Internet to serve in this server namely IIS5.
Administrator of company demand network uses an IP to be ABCD4 on the server now the company builds independent website, every website has his independent domain name. 4 websites domain name is respectively: WWw.a.comwww.b.comwww.c.comwww.d.com.

Through using leader head, the site needs only IP The address can safeguard many sites. The client can use different domain name to visit respective site, basic feeling is not to these sites on same lead plane.

Particular operation is as follows:
1. builds folder for 4 companies in Win2000 server, as WEB site advocate catalog. Following: WEB site advocate catalog WEB site D:wEba A company website D:wEbb B company website D:wEbc C company website D:wEbd D company website

2. uses WEB site to run guide, respectively 4 companies build independent WEB site, 4 person the biggest differring was to use different leader head name:

  A company site B company site C company site D company site
IP address
TCP port 80
Attributive Read take and run scenario
Leader head name Www.a.com Www.b.com Www.c.com Www.d.com
Site advocate catalog D:wEba D:wEbb D:wEbc D:wEbd

In DNS lieutenant general these 4 domain names are registered on, all point to same address: Such, client end can pass:
Http://www.a.com visits A company site. Http://www.b.com visits B company site. Http://www.c.com visits C company site. Http://www.d.com visits D company site.

The leader head name of every site can be in 3. WEB site builds the setting in guide, the IP address of it and site, TCP port is on same screen. Pass this site - possibly also>"Attribute " ->"Label of WEB site " - > the pushbutton of " advanced " of right of the address that choose IP, jump out " of configuration of site of advanced much WEB undertakes " configuration.
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