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IIS uses 10 big principles
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1.Define wrong page oneself

Although define wrong page oneself very simple, but only a few administrator used it effectively. The administrator is OK in mistake of HTTP of MMC lieutenant general information image arrives the absolutely URL on the server or it is a certain file, more detailed information can be found here. If you disrelish this too troublesome, mean simpler method, or you hope him developer defines wrong page, do not want to let them have the limits of authority of use MMC again at the same time, you can use similar Customer Error such tool.

2. MetaBase research

If you think because it has file of a configuration,Apache function is formidably, so the MetaBase that you should have a look at IIS has much club. Use MetaBase, the administrator can complete all works about IIS, for example, build a fictitious list; Stop, start or suspend Web site; Build, delete, prohibit or enable applied process. Microsoft offerred MetaEdit of a visible tool to help you read write MetaBase, you can download its newest version here. To use MetaBase effectively, you should try command travel port---IIS Administration Script, abbreviation is Adsutil.vbs, you can be in C:iNetpubadminscripts perhaps finds it below %SystemRoot%system32inetsrvadminsamples catalog.
Attention: MetaBase is very important to the regular job of Web site, must not destroy it. Be sure to keep in mind: Before doing any modification, must back up first.

3. Correct the spelling mistake of URL automatically

The advocate of Apache always is a few small functions in vaunting Apache, among them most of cruel correct " of URL spelling mistake automatically with respect to several " , now, IIS administrator is OK also play these small functions, use URLSpellCheck, correct dishful of cole of URL spelling mistake automatically. Will do a test: Www.urlspellcheck.com/fak.htm and Www.urlspellcheck.com/faq1.htm, how, the 2nd wrong spelling will be corrected automatically.

4. Rescript URLs

The advocate of Apache boasts all the time the powerful function of Mod_rewrite, now, this kind of product that is used at IIS has a dozen so much, a lot of be close friends than Mod_rewrite with, because use Mod_rewrite, you must be familiar with criterion expression. Try: IISWrite or ISAPI Rewrite.

5. Exploration browser

Each person that browses a site suppose is used same kind of browser or screen volume are euqally apparent it is very foolish, you can use Javascript to be able to be opposite the browser of the person that visit undertakes detecting. If you use the word that is IIS, you will have better choice---The BrowserHawk of Cyscape company, there is as relative as it product in Apache world. Cyscape company rolled out a new product to call CuntryHawk recently, the area that the person that it can be used at exploring a visit is in (country) . Very regrettablly, up to now I am sensitive without the language still or the content with sensitive area needs to use it.
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