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IIS common problem and mistake reach its solution
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Q: Why my ASP page arrives after Windows2003 cannot carry out, executive ASPX is normal.
A: The acquiesce in Windows2003 did not enable ASP support, active Server Pages is found in the Web Service Extensions of IIS, choose ALLOW on, OK.

Q: My IIS wants Asp document only wrong, show HTTP500 error, but the detailed information that does not show a fault however. Can show that group that is that file after all makes mistake previously, but do not show however now.
A: Be chosen in the Internet option of IE advanced, pitch on “ shows friendly HTTP wrong ” can.

Q: How to install IIS in edition of Windows XP family?
A: Edition of Windows XP family cannot install IIS, upgrade to professional edition please.

Q: Why do I visit this machine address to ask to input user and password?
A: In installing IIS, anonymous account attributive is opened. Check the NTFS attributive that is in catalog again.

Q: Clew Active Server Pages is wrong when my ASP file includes a file method of father of "ASP 0131" unallowed, how to solve?
A: Choose in site attribute advocate catalog - configuration - applied process option, enable “ father catalog ” to choose on.

Q: Why is my IIS often become machine?
A: 1, the time when checking the scenario that you set to exceed, cannot grow too. 2, whether does the order that checks you have object and join to was not shut. 3, ordinal the service that suspends each users, look to have the user program of bad news great natural resources.

Q: Win200 Server Iis, why to go up in the webpage, some Chinese Htm link method to be able to show, some is no good?
A: "Change double byte character to transmit string for lawful URL
Function GetUrlEncodel(byVal Url)
Dim I, code
GetUrlEncodel= " "
If Trim(Url)= "" Then Exit Function
For I=1 To Len(Url)
Code=Asc(mid(Url, i, 1) )
If Code<0 Then Code = Code 65536
If Code>255 Then
GetUrlEncodel=getUrlEncodel&"%" &Left(Hex(Code) , 2)&"%" &Right(Hex(Code) , 2)
GetUrlEncodel=getUrlEncodel&mid(Url, i, 1)
End If
End Function

Q: All IIS Exe the file cannot download from the catalog above, what reason is showing 404 files to cannot be found? Where to still install a mistake?
A: Install Http head- - MIME type, build a type to expand the name is EXE, the type is: Application/octet-stream

Q: IIS cannot be found in managing a tool.
A: In C:WQuick way is found to be built afresh in INDOWSsystem32inetsrv.

Q: IIS cannot support ASP, restart N second be no good.
A: File of.asp of the examination in applying program program to configure is already map arrives C:WINDOWSsystem32inetsrvasp.dll. If not have, add. Language="javascript" Src="http://www.iTbulo.com/gg/200703/79.js" Type="text/javascript"> Type="text/javascript"> google_ad_client = "pub-9161750109226343"; /* 468x60, found at 08-6-30 */ google_ad_slot = "8489392757"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; //
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