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Back up and restore setting of Windows IIS server
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We are using the IIS(Internet Information Server that Windows 2000 Server takes oneself, internet information server) when, often need to install service of a few Web, FTP service to wait, but after the use that passes period of time, web site, FTP site, fictitious catalog is more, its configuration also becomes more and more complex. Can IIS regain the position previously? The answer is affirmative.

Back up IIS installs: IIS itself took backup and the function that restore IIS setting oneself. Backup IIS needs before restoring IIS to install. The procedure of backup is very simple: The “ in “ is found to begin ” bill of fare in Windows 2000 Server manages tool ” , click among them “Internet to serve government implement ” , in server nominally right attack, “ is clicked to back up in playing the menu that go out / reductive configuration ” , the window that if attached drawing place is shown,can appear. Click [found backup] pushbutton, IIS of meeting occurrence input configures the dialog box of backup name, we input “IIS backup 1” here. Click [affirmatory] pushbutton, the backup of IIS was finished.

Attention: Before backup IIS, complete setting finishs site of need general Web, FTP site, SMTP site, because the system is met only,undertake backup in the light of current configuration.

Restore IIS configuration: If spent period of time, the configuration of IIS has accorded with the word of your need no longer, the configuration when you can restore to back up to you. It is to open “Internet to serve government likewise implement ” , also be the server nominally before right attack, “ is clicked to back up in playing the menu that go out / reductive configuration ” , can appear and the window with roughly same figure, do not cross this with differ last time, original backup (if “IIS backs up 1”) can appear in list casing, and condition of processing pitch on. Click [reductive] pushbutton, the system can play an inquiry window, clew user “ is reductive it is a time-consuming operation, it will enclothe all and current setting to bring about full service stop and start afresh, do you want to continue certainly? ” . If do not have a person to using these services currently, can allow such operation, can click [be] the refreshment that undertakes IIS is configured, if current somebody is using these services, had better not undertake resumptive to operate, lest of user data missing. In click [be] after pushbutton, the system can delete all configuration in current IIS, the configuration that backed up before restores to come over, the amount that this process wants to see IIS itself site configure and calm, general 9 minutes can be finished.

In addition, although the system can save many backup file, but after every backup restores, can enclothe the configuration previously, the configures an operation accuracy that ten million should notice to make sure you want to restore! How? Is the process not complex? You also can try.
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