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Optimize the Web that is based on Win2000 to serve function
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One, schematic:

For can well let IIS run stability, I basically introduce a bit method that is used at optimizing function of server of appropriative Windows 2000 Web.

2, ban with needless service:

Forbid the Windows 2000 service that does not need with special Web server. The method is: Click begin, ordinal point to tool of program, management, click computer management next. Manage in “ computer (this locality) below ” , spread out “ service and applied process ” , click a service next. The state that runs a service currently shows in the row already started. The following service does not need on special Web server:



Computer browser

DHCP client is carried

DHCP server

The fax serves

The file is duplicate

Infrared monitor

Internet join is shared


NetMeeting long-range desktop is shared

Network DDE

Network DDE DSDM



Tiring-room prints a program

TCP/IP NetBIOS supports a service




Write down with what want inactive service to depend on sb or sth for existence concerns those serve. The method is:

Doubleclick wants service. For example, doubleclick messenger.

Click card of option of relation of depend on sb or sth for existence.

In “ service name depends on these services in ” list (the name that serving a name among them is place choosing service) , write down those services that next this services depend on.

In “ these services are depended on in serving a ” list, write down next doing not have to should serve those services that cannot start.

Click affirmatory.

Forbid the service that wants with place. The method is:

Right key is clicked should forbid used service, click attribute on occurrence quick menu next.

In list of ” of the “ type that start, click ban with.

If want to suspend a service instantly, click please stop. If show,stop other service dialog box, the other service that relies on this service also will be stopped. Write down next services that get an effect please, be being clicked next is.

Click affirmatory. The starting type of this service can show in the row ban with.

Repeat implement the 4th step, ban with other needless service.

Remarks: Ban after serving with every, it is normal to should check Web server computer to whether move. Decreased to ban the serve and brings influence that needs with the likelihood to the greastest extent so.

Remarks: If IIS server is member of Windows 2000 region, indispensible TCP/IP supports a service, so that use group strategy correctly in the computer.

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