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IIS6 erect website is common problem and symptom answer doubt
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A lot of friends encounter many problems when wearing a website with IIS6, and these problems had been encountered inside some IIS5 in the past, some are new come out, did a test a lot of times, combine the erratum experience previously, made this summary, the hope can give help to everybody on.

Problem 1: Did not enable father method
Semiotic citing:

Server.MapPath() wrong 'ASP 0175: 80004005'

Unallowed Path character

/ 0709/dqyllhsub/news/OpenDatabase.asp, row 4

Do not allow character ' in the Path parameter of MapPath. . ' .

Case study:

A lot of Web should use such as in the page. . / the statement of the format (the page that returns on one namely, namely father method) , and IIS6.0 stems from safe consideration, acquiesce of this one option is shut. If be to use the friend of LEADBBS forum to was about to notice, won't appear of DV problem.

Means of settlement:

In the attribute in IIS - > advocate catalog - > configuration - > in option. Enable ” hit before father method “ tick off. Affirm refresh.

Problem 2: The Web patulous configuration of ASP is undeserved (apply to ASP.NET, CGI likewise)

Semiotic citing:

File of HTTP wrong 404 - or catalog were not found.

Case study:

Added Web program extension newly in IIS6.0 this one option, you are OK amid undertakes permission to the program such as ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, IDC or prohibit, the program such as the ASP below acquiescent circumstance is illicit.

Means of settlement:

The Web in IIS serves Active Server Pages of the pitch on in expanding, click “ to allow ” .

Problem 3: Identity attestation configuration is undeserved

Semiotic citing:

HTTP wrong 401.2 - without accredit: The visit is rejected as a result of server configuration.

Case study:

IIS supports method of test and verify of identity of the following kinds of Web:

(1) faceless identity test and verify

IIS establishs account of IUSR_ computer name (among them the name that computer name is the server that running IIS) , identity test and verify undertakes to them when using request Web content. This account awards user this locality to log onto attributive. You can be replacement of faceless user visit use any effective Windows account.

(2) primary status test and verify

Use primary status test and verify to be able to limit the visit of the file that goes up to server of NTFS format Web. Use primary status test and verify, the user must input credential, and the visit is based on user ID. User ID and password are with form of proclaimed in writing between the network undertake sending.

(3) test and verify of Windows compositive identity

Test and verify of Windows compositive identity is safer than primary status test and verify, and effect can be produced well in the in-house net environment that has Windows region account in the user. In compositive Windows identity test and verify, the browser tries to use current user to log onto the evidence that uses in the process in region, if try to fail, with respect to meeting clew this user inputs user name and password. If you use compositive Windows identity test and verify, criterion the password of the user will not convey server. If this user serves as region user to log onto this locality computer, criterion he is visitting this inside the country identity test and verify need not undertake again when network computer.
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