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About IIS join number and online number define
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What understanding above all is IIS join number. IIS joins number shows intercurrent join is counted, where is what meaning? Want to divide kind of case: (with 100M space 50 people are online for exemple)
A user sheet orders the document that downloads you, end hind disconnects normally, these join are according to instantaneous calculative, your website instant of 50 people can accept that is to say at the same time 50 nod download
B user opens your page, even if stay in the page to did not issue any requests to the server, so one side is opened in the user the following one also should calculate online inside 15 minutes, your website of 50 people can accept that is to say inside 15 minutes different user opens 50 pages
The circumstance user of B continues to open above C same the other page of a website, so online number is clicked according to user last time (issue a request) the following 15 minutes of computation, be in this 15 minutes inside no matter how is the user clicked (include new window to open) still be one person online.
Frame of the existence inside the page that D becomes you (Iframe) , so every many frame is about times more online! Because this is equivalent to an user,same time requested many pages to the server.
E opens a page to shut a browser normally next when the user, the online number of the user also can keep clear of immediately.

What understanding next is forum online number. Forum is online just calculate the mobile user number inside proper time. The time user here is OK him set (delete) of inactive user time, the relatively exact value that silent of the forum that use a network thinks 40 minutes.

According to the specification above, apparent forum is online the idea that counts with IIS join is different, why can you appear are IIS join number and forum online the circumstance that does not accord with? Show concrete analysis to be as follows:

1: You used forum of plug-in unit edition!
Present plug-in unit very rubbish, not only take server resource, and can make forum moves slow (OK without plug-in unit one times faster above) , at the same time very hold online number, some plug-in unit call a lot of frame, little criterion 2, 3, many 4, 5! Have even online broadcast music, a such people are online comparative as online as a lot of people!

2: Your website is the form of homepage forum!
Such homepages and forum should contend for your online number!

3: Your forum interior has a player!
A person is online, next he is online broadcast music, take 2 people online!

4: Your forum interior is put in the webpage of frame form!
Each frame, times more online!

5: Your forum sets online time too small!
The acquiesce that use a network is 40 minutes, below this acquiescent value, general the study of our 20IIS lead plane can achieve 50 people left and right sides, because forum is online it is certain to just be calculated the mobile user number inside time, when the time of your set is lesser, it seems that forum on-line number is natural little, please 40 minutes when delete acquiesce of instead of inactive user time OK!
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