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Win2003 Server hand uses setting whole strategy
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Oneself installed Windows 2003 Server formally recently, the gift after feeling a lot of places want a hand to move a setting is nice with, will record the result of my DIY below, the hope has bit of use to everybody!

1, ban mix with Internet Explorer Enhanced Security prohibit the occurrence of safe inquiry casing

The safe level of IE is set from the definition in IE tool option. In ” safe “ (Security) pull on option card use roll install Internet area safety the “ in be ” (Medium) or in “ low ” . The ” of choice “ clew that from the definition setting lieutenant general concerns repairs instead to choose “ to prohibit ” or “ enable “ ;   

2, ban with close machine * to dog, prohibit closing what appear when machine to close machine reason options namely:

If be Chinese edition, criterion: Begin ->Moving ->Gpedit.msc-> computer configures ->Manage pattern plate ->Systematic ->Show close machine * to dog ->Ban with.

If be English edition, criterion: Begin ->Moving ->Gpedit.msc ->Computer Configuration ->Administrative Templates ->System ->Display Shutdown Event Tracker ->The setting is Disable;

3, enable hardware and DirectX to quicken

★ hardware quickens: The desktop clicks right key - - attribute (Properties) ->Setting (Settings) - - advanced (Advanced) - - difficulty is solved (Troubleshoot) . Roll the hardware of this page quickly pull “ complete ” (Full) , had better click “ to decide ” (OK) save exit. The Hei Bing that an instant may appear during this is completely normal.

★ DirectX quickens: Open “ to begin ” (Start) ->“ runs ” (Run) , key in “dxdiag” and carriage return opens “DirectX to diagnose tool ” (DirectX Tools) , ” shows in “ (Display) page, click DirectDraw, direct3D And AGP Texture quickens 3 pushbutton to enable quickly. Quicken “ audio hardware level ” (Hardware Sound Acceleration Level) scroll pull “ to quicken ” completely (Full Acceleration) ;

4, enable card:

After the system is installed, acoustical card is to prohibit condition, should be in so Control Panel ->Sound ->Enable, it is installed to show in task column again after restarting.

We enable frequency to quicken even now. In move input Services.msc presses carriage return next, can appear Services window, find Windows Audio service, double stroke leaves, it is setting of the type that start Automatic, click Apply, click Start to start this service next.

We use Directx to diagnose a tool even finally, dxdiag is inputted in move and carriage return, open Sound option check, pull the slide block of Hardware Sound Acceleration Level move Full (see the 3rd) ;

5, how to enable Asp support:
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