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The IIS FAQ that an ace arranges
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The problem elite that an ace arranges is below, everybody looks well, results affirmation is very big!

How does 1. let Asp script move with System attributive

Revise the fictitious catalog of correspondence of place of your Asp script, repair " of " application program protection instead " low " . . . .

How does 2. prevent Asp trojan

Be based on the Asp trojan of FileSystemObject component

Cacls %systemroot%system32scrrun.dll /e /d Guests // prohibits Guests is used

Regsvr32 Scrrun.dll /u /s // is deleted

Be based on the Asp trojan of Shell.application component

Cacls %systemroot%system32shell32.dll /e /d Guests // prohibits Guests is used

Regsvr32 Shell32.dll /u /s // is deleted

How does 3. add close Asp file

From Microsoft free download moves directly to Sce10chs.exe can complete installation process.

After installation ends, will make Screnc.exe file, this is a command tool that moves in DOS PROMAPT.

Moving Screnc - L Vbscript Source.asp Destination.asp

Generate the new document Destination.asp that includes script of close article ASP

Open with notebook look always in "" , without giving thought to whether annotate, become cannot reading close article

But cannot add close Chinese.

How does 4. extract Urlscan from inside IISLockdown

Iislockd.exe /q /c /t:c: URlscan

How does 5. prevent Content-Location heading the in-house IP address that exposed Web server

Carry out

Cscript C:iNetpubadminscriptsadsutil.vbs Set W3svc/UseHostName True

Final need starts Iis afresh

How does 6. solve HTTP500 in-house mistake

Iis Http500 interior is wrong major reason

Basically the pace is caused.

We want date of synchronous Iwam_myserver Zhang to apply the password in the program to be able to solve a problem in Com only.

Carry out

Cscript C:iNetpubadminscriptssynciwam.vbs -v

How does 7. enhance the ability of Iis defence SYN Flood
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