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Half of Chinas ultra-security risks exist domain name server
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"High-end Domain Name Service Security Forum" held in Beijing recently. Forum released the first domestic "Chinese domain name service and safety status report" shows that more than 50%% of current domain name server is relatively secure. At present, there are millions of domain name server of total units, of which 57%% of the important risk information systems, domain name resolution. The report also pointed out that the domestic authority of the server, 53%% open recursive queries, Much larger than the global rate of 31%%, there is a certain security risk, and to more than 4%% of the recursive name server port randomness of poor and vulnerable to DNS hijacking attack, much higher than the global average of 0.98%% of the water Level. China Internet Information Center, Li Xiaodong, deputy director, said the past two years, domestic and international emerging domain security events, network failure caused huge losses and even paralysis, need the introduction of high credibility, high protection of third-party domain Members of the security operation and maintenance services.