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Microsoft Certified: Windows2003 mail server Raiders
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One. Comes with POP3/SMTP service implementation using windows2003 Step One: Install these two services By default, windows2003 is not installed, we must be manually added. POP3 service component in the "add / remove windows components - e-mail service", it includes a total of two elements: POP3 WEB management services, and POP3 services; and SMTP services should select "Application Server-SMTP-internet information services service "to install, if you need to WEB mail server for remote management, but also select the" Web Service "in the" Remote Administration (HTML) ". Step Two: Configure POP3 Service Click "Start - Administrative Tools-POP3 service" to open "POP3 service" main window; and then left click in the window under the POP3 service host name (the machine), then right click in the "new domain"; in the pop-up " Add Domain "dialog box, enter the mail server you want to create host name, which is the part after @, can be determined. Then, create a mailbox. Click on the left have built the domain name, select "New Mailbox" in the dialog box, enter the mailbox name (ie @ the front part), and set the mailbox password. The third step: SMTP service configuration In order to open "Start - Programs - Administrative Tools-internet information services" in the left window, "SMTP Virtual Server" right click select properties, in the "General" tab under the "IP Address" drop-down list box, select the message server's IP address and you can set the maximum number of connections, and finally can be determined. After the above three steps, a feature built a simple e-mail server, everybody can use the mail client software to connect to this server to send and receive messages applied. II. Winmail Server built using third-party software Is a safe easy to use full-featured mail server software, It can be used as LAN mail server, Internet mail server, can be used as dial-up ISDN, ADSL broadband, FTTB, cable pass (CableModem) access methods such as mail servers and e-mail gateway. One. Initial configuration process: After installation is complete, we must also do some initial setup mail system, the system to work properly, follow these steps: 1. Quick Setup Wizard Shown in Figure 3, first enter the new email address and set a password, and then "Settings", set the wizard will automatically find the system exists in the database to build a mailbox and domain name, but also test the POP3, SMTP, HTTP and the ADMIN server is started successfully; then in the "set results" box displays the test information and related e-mail client configuration information, also gives the WEB management address. 2. Use management tool to configure Quick the wizard completes, you can start the mail system test, and send and receive test messages. The first step: in the "Start" - "program" - "Magic winmail", find "Magic winmail management client tool" and open. Step two: Check the mail system is operating properly Management tool starts, you will be prompted with the default user name admin and your password in the log set installed mail server; logged in, please use the "System Settings" - "System Services" to view the ADMIN, SMTP, POP3, IMAP 等service is running normally. Green light indicates that the service runs successfully, red indicates that the service problem. Note: If there is some service red, usually caused because the port is occupied, please close the program or change the port takes longer to restart the service. Step three: Set domain and mailbox management. The left of the window choose "Domain Settings", switch to the "domain management" window; then click "Add" to create a new domain name; in Figure 5, in the name box, enter your e-mail domain name you want to create and add the relevant description, this mail server should also control for the whole set. For example, in the Advanced Properties tab allows the user to set up a new mailbox WEB manner, in the mailbox permissions tab to set the default mailbox to block some of the features and so on. Step four: Add mailbox. Is a new mailbox user and create a new mailbox, so that service system put into use. On the left, "Users and Groups" - "User Management" option, create a user and mailbox, and the relevant parameters for the set; course, this step can also be followed through the WEB way for remote users to register themselves. 3. E-mail using the test Completion of the above are set, you can first test the machine is turned on the service. A commonly used test method is to use the mail client software such as Outlook Express, etc., just pay attention to "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)" should be incorporated on the mail server, just set the IP address or host name, and "Incoming mail server ( POP3) "shall be entered in the user management settings on the line. Another more convenient way is through the WEB way up, and send and receive new mail. Log address will step in front of the "Quick Setup Wizard" panel under "set results" box prompted, WEB login screen shown in Figure 7. Enter the just created user name and password to start the online send and receive mail; while login screen where you can line up a new mailbox. Figure 8, we should be very familiar with it! This is what the mail delivery software, WEB interface, well, we can begin it!