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Hainan provincial government procurement center system software server parts p
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Procurement Center by the Hainan provincial government of Hainan Province commissioned by Human Resources Development Bureau, the recent system software to the unit, the server components project organization procurement, suppliers are welcome to attend. 1, Procurement No.: HNGP2010-007845 2, purchase content: system software, server parts 1 lot 3, the procurement documents available, deadline: December 10, 2010 to December 16, 2010 17:30 PM only (except holidays). 4, quotes Time: December 17, 2010 15:30 PM 5, to submit an offer, and offer Location: Haikou, China sea, Building 7, No. 3 Hoi Centre at the Hainan Provincial Government Procurement Bid Room 6, the procurement documents Price: RMB 100 per set (purchase procurement documents to be re-produced license Printed materials), procurement documents express mail service. (An extra 50 yuan, remittances to purchase Notes: Please send the file to be negotiating to buy the item name, item number, bid the company name, contact name, phone number, e-mail address set out in detail, together with remittance Didan I center with fax to 66529846 (fax are not the consequences), Contact: Ms Lam, Tel: 66529829). (Remittances arrive time must be before the deadline for the tender documents) 7, supplier qualifications: (suppliers must meet the following conditions and valid certificate issued by the relevant information) 7.1 must provide a copy of a copy of business license; tax registration certificate (with official seal, the original reference); 7.2 to participate in government procurement activities must be provided the first three years, in no major illegal business activities recorded statement; 7.3 Item No. 1,2,4,5 brand cast products manufacturer must be authorized for the project. 8, the Government Procurement Center bank account Username: Hainan Provincial Government Procurement Center Bank: China Construction Bank Haikou Branch Guoxing Boulevard Account Number: 46001002537052500404 Finance Department Contact: Mr. Sun, Ms. Lee, Tel :0898 -66529833, 32 9, the results of the procurement and purchasing information please contact: China's Hainan Government Procurement (Web site) www.ccgp-hainan.gov.cn Hainan Provincial People's Government (website) http://www.hainan.gov.cn, international tourist island Business Daily (formerly the Hainan Economic Daily) 10, Procurement Organization Name: Hainan Provincial Government Procurement Center Address: Haikou City, Hoi sea, Building 7, No. 3 Code: 570125 E-mail: hn@hngpc.gov.cn Website: www.hngpc.gov.cn Project Leader: Jing Peng Tel :0898 -66529820 Fax :0898 -66,529,846